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YiffyToys Newsletter Nr.4 (english)

Dear customers,

if you do not want to receive this, please look
at the bottom of this email for instructions on

* about this newsletter
* new Dildos: Bad Dragon
* new Dildos: TSX
* new Furrystyle-products
* new Tenga Flip-Hole
* Trademark
* US-Shop
* other new products
* unsubscribing

* about this newsletter *

In the beginning we named this a bimonthly newsletter.
But since we (or most of us) are all humans writing
such a long letter is something you are never really
motivated for.
So it comes that the last newsletter was written
"a while" ago and we should rather call it
"yearly news".
As allways:
If you want to show this to someone else or browse
older issues (for whatever reason) you may find
the archive on

* new Dildos: Bad Dragon *

Since a few hours can
offer you the complete line of
Dragon-Toys from Bad Dragon.

We have 6 exciting new models and
the all new Cum-Lube.
The dildos include:
* The Adolescent - a mid-sized dragon for beginners
* Drippy Dragon - a cumming dragon-toy
* The Ridgeback - the most dragon-like of dragons
* The Dragon's Tongue - a large tonugue to play inside you
* The chimera - a mixture of dragon and horse
* The Anthro Orca - a large orca to play with

* cum lube - a sticky white lubricant that looks and feels like cum

Bad Dragon - Toys

* new Dildos: TSX *

Shortly before Eurofurence we added 3 models from the small
manufacturer TSX:

* the Clifford - a doy-toy
* the whale - yes, it is actually a whale-toy
* Mr.Ed - the most realistic horse-toy we have seen so far

TSX - Toys
* new Furrystyle-products *

Not only do we have added more toy-manufacturers,
furrystyle itself has not been sleeping too.
* Duke, Spike and Equing now come with an optional vibrator
* We are offering the large Goliath now in black or red.
* A complete new line of mainstream-toys has arrived.

On the negative side: Due to manufacturing issues about
it's large weight the Khan is no longer manufactured.
The Equine is now the only equine model left.

Furrystyle - Toys

* new Tenga Flip-Hole *

One of the most exciting new toys arrived in may:
The Tenga Flip-Hole.
A very stylish fleshlight-type toy that can
be adjusted via 3 pressure-sensitive "buttons".
It comes with 3 different lubricants for 3 different
The best part: It can be flipped open for cleaning
without having to touch any dirty parts!


* Trademark *

Another newsworthy note is that we now own
the international Trademark on the name
This step has become necessary after we ran
into some problems with others setting up a
shop with our name. This issue is largely
resolved now.

* US-Shop *

Yes, we did start a completely separate shop
for the US and Canada only.
The dropping US-dollar made it difficult for
north-american customers to buy at our shop.
Thus for the increasing numbers of US-customers
we started a separate shop that is completely
independent of exchange-rates. Shipping is done
directly from US-ground.
This however also mandates that this shop does
not offer all products of our european main-shop
and vice versa.

* other new products *

There are a lot of other products that
have been added to the shop since the
last newsletter was sent out.
The most exciting are:

* the modern CB3000 and CB4000 chastitiy belt
* The new Nexus-Models:
** Nexus O - hands free
** Nexus Gyro - hands free
** Nexus Neo small, medium, large and Max7
** Nexus Neo - combining Nexus Glide and Excel
** Nexus Vibro lite - upgradable to Nexus Vibro
* Flashlight Pussy Love and Anal Love
* More condom-brands: London and Durex added
* Durex Play - a lubricant that helps heal your skin



* unsubscribing *

To stop receiving this newsletter,
please visit login
with the email-address you received
this newsletter on and uncheck
[]newsletter in your account-information
that you checked when you created your


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