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YiffyToys Newsletter Nr.3 (english)

Dear customers,

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* about this newsletter *

In the beginning we named this a bimonthly newsletter.
But since we (or most of us) are all humans writing
such a long letter is something you are never really
motivated for.
So it comes that the last newsletter was written 3
quarters of a year ago and we should rather call it
"yearly news".
As allways:
If you want to show this to someone else or browse
older issues (for whatever reason) you may find
the archive on

* new Furrystyle-products *

The more important additions in the "deep down"
-section of our shop are of cause the new furrystyle-
The Spike is more pointy and thus more gentle to
use then the anatomically correct Duke.
The Runt is smaller then the (now discontinued) K9
and fits gently for even the beginners.
The new Goliath has beome the largest of our canine-
models, only topped by the head of the rebild
equine family.
The Khan, It is large, it is heavy and it is

* other new products *

-- Deep down --

Just a day after the last newsletter, the
US-sized versions of the Tenga became avaliable.
US, in this case does not mean a country.
It stands for "ultra-suction, super-vacuum.
These models are bigger and this fit also
the more prominent members of the western world.

Later that year a few new Nexus-Models and similar
items became avaliable.
The new Nexus-Titus has since become a good seller
in our shop. Also the Nexus Glide introduced a new
smaller size into the Nexus family in our shop.
The most popular Nexus Excel is now sold in a super-
saver -pack
with 1000ml of our famous Bovivet lubricant.
The top of the line is of cause the really good one.
The Nexus Vibro. It is quite exclusive but once you tried it,
you will not want any other dildo anymore.
It is just perfect!
(And we are offering replacement-batteries for it.)

-- Slippery --

In the section of lubricants we added the famous
Bioglide and serveral Aquaglide-variants including not only the 100ml Aquaglide anal but also the flavoured variants and the 50ml and 200ml bottles.

For mobile use we also added the Pjur cruising-packs to the existing 2ml and 6ml libricants.

-- Artistic --

Recently the artistic-section became bigger with the addition of the
full range of FurryStyle Yiffy Boys and Yiffy Girls collectors sets.
Both in the large tin-box with one hand-drawn card each and in the smaller
shrink-wrapped sets.

* conventions *

A year has passed, MMC and Eurofurence and the
smaller H-Con where a great as they allways are.
This year we may add a fourth convention to the
list, where you can see us in the wild but that
will be announced soon.
Last year we also accepted credit-cards on
the con-site via a mobile phone-link. Thus for
the first time customers could buy after they
already spend all their cash on the art-sales.
At the same time we switched to a better credit-
card module, exchanging the former iframe with
a fully integrated credit-card -processing.

* changes to the shop

The most prominent change was, that we copied
the categories with our foxes to the start-page
below the "18+"-question. Saving everyone that
single click.

Also visible was us removing the option of shipping
via DPD. As DPD changed their pricing-structure it
was no longer possible to automatically calculare
the shipping-price. So we where forced to remove
it entirely.

We also changed the shop to allow us to offer
bundled sets while still displaying the correct
stock in your shipping-cart.

Less visible is the option to pseudomize
customer-entered product-reviews.

Internally we introduced barcodes, automated a
lot of the work for counting our stock, doing accounting
and doing all the taxes. All so that we have more time to care
about the acual products we are selling.



* unsubscribing *

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