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YiffyToys Newsletter Nr.2 (english)

Dear customers,

in the beginning we wanted to have a newsletter
every two month to inform our customers about
the changes, many new products and special offers
at yiffytoys.
If you do not want to receive this, please look
at the bottom of this email for instructions on

* about this newsletter
* new Furrystyle-products
* other new products
* conventions
* cheaper cash-on-delivery
* unsubscribing

* about this newsletter *

You are receiving this newsletter because you
selected [x]receive newsletter back when you
created your account on .
We do this newsletter in english,
because there are a growing number of customers
from european countries who do not speak german.
We want to stick with the text-only format
for the time being and see if it works. Blinking
colorfull html-emails may look nice but they simply
do not work everywhere.
If you want to show it to someone else or browse
older issues (for whatever reason) you may find
the archive on handy.

* new Furrystyle-products *

We are proud to announce the shipping of the first
new models of furrystyle-toys!
Everyone is different and there are allways many
customers for whom our favorite K9 was great but
could have been either a bit smaller or a bit
Now you can have both!
Now we present to you:
The Runt
The Duke

* other new products *

-- Deep down --

Probably the most interesting thing in this
section, apart from the new furrystyle models,
are: Nexus Nero GLOW and Nexus EXCEL! Just have
a look for yourself! You'll be surprised.

In this section we could replace the Anilotion
anal-relaxion-spray with the new Pjur Analyse me!
It's bigger, as good and cheaper at the same time.

A while ago we had to announce that the Tenga Double-
Hole was out of stock. Now it is in stock again AND
we could add the new bigger US-Size Tengas and a new
Tenga Deep-Throat WHITE to accompany the black and
classic model. Another thing we added are the Tenga-
Hole-Warmers. You can use them as often as you want
to for warming up your Onacup before use.
If you don't know what Tenga to get. Get the color-set!
It allows you to experience 3 completely different
tengas in 3 different styles.

We also added the Joydivision „clean’n’ safe"
that can be used to clean your toys from any
bacteria and to keep your leather-ties long-lasting
and all shiny.

-- slippery --

Here we where able to add some slippery bed-sheets
and pillow-covers for the extra-slick experience.

We also added the 80ml ID-Glide that has become
a very good seller.

One of the most interesting products we added here
is the "Sexy Ice Lubricant". It feels like cooling
your skin and smells of peppermint. If you want it
warmer instead, we now have ID-Glide Sensations-Warming
in the larger bottle.

-- bondage --

We could add some very strong new ties that bind
thighs and ankles together, some hand- and ankle-
cuffs with extra-strong double-locks and effordable
If you thing the high-quality ankle-cuffs are
too expensive for your needs. How about the
Hand- thigh- and foot joint- shackles instead?
We also added some wrapping-foil that are great to
make mummies!

* conventions *

In a few weeks we will be represeted at
Mephit (not so)Mini Con on the Freusburg.
We are also registred for the next Eurofurence,
H-Con the third and a number of smaller

* cheaper cash-on-delivery

By cleverly using some shipping-conditions
we are able to ship many cash-on-delivery
-packets cheaper then we could before.



* unsubscribing *

To stop receiving this newsletter,
please visit login
with the email-address you received
this newsletter on and uncheck
[]newsletter in your account-information
that you checked when you created your


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