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YiffyToys Newsletter Nr.1 (english)

Dear customers,

in the beginning we wanted to have a newsletter
every two month to inform our customers about
the changes, many new products and special offers
at yiffytoys.
If you do not want to receive this, please look
at the bottom of this email for instructions on

* about this newsletter
* credit-cards
* new products
* multiple currencies
* the new server
* conventions
* the beta-blog
* unsubscribing

* about this newsletter *

You are receiving this newsletter because you
selected [x]receive newsletter back when you
created your account on .
We do this newsletter in english,
because there are a growing number of customers
from european countries who do not speak german.
We want to stick with the text-only format
for the time being and see if it works. Blinking
colorfull html-emails may look nice but they simply
do not work everywhere.
If you want to show it to someone else or browse
older issues (for whatever reason) you may find
the archive on handy.

* credit-cards *

That's right, since 11.11.2006
is accepting Visa, Visa-electron and Mastercards!
We hope that not only dies this step make things
easier for UK an US -folks, that have allways had
problems with making bank-transactions to a
german account but this should also once and for
all end all problems associated with accepting
paypal instead to allow these people to pay
without having to deal with international-banking-

* new products *

There have been many new products added since the
last newsletter but let's start with 2 sad changes.

First we had to remove the leopard-quadro-ties
because our supplier discontinued them. They simply
did not sell often enough for them.
We also had to remove the collar with 3 D-rings.
This one was due to quality-probleme with the
metal used. It was strong and looked good but was
starting to collect rust very quickly.

-- Deep down --

We recently added the Joydivision „clean’n’ safe" 200ml.
It will replace the Pjur toy-cleaner with double the
content for a smaller price. Contrary to the Pjur -one
this desinfectant also doubles as a leather-spreay for

With the Q-To we added a cheaper alternative
to the Tenga-Onacups. While the Tenga are
top-of-the-line many people thought them too
expensive to try out an onacup at all.

We also where able to reduce the prices of the Tenga
-Onacups by up to 4 euro!
We also like to introduce you to nohar_tigers
german oncup users-group on yahoo at:

-- artistic --

Shortly before Eurofurence 13 we added 4 brand-new
cups and mousepads! You can check them out on

-- bondage --

In this section we recently added some special
Other changes where some reduced prices for the high-quality
-products. A great deal of other new items will follow within
the next weeks, before x-mas!

* multiple currencies *

In addition to the credit-card -acceptance
we also implemented a new feature to show
all prices in UK-Pound or US-Dollar to make
price-comparison easier for our non-Euro-
visitors. The final invoice and payment will
be handled in euro, regardless of the shown
currency in the producs-descriptions.

* the new server *

Since november 2006 YiffyToys is hosted on a new server.
The old one was rather limited in terms of memory and cpu-
power. As the the company where we rented the server
closed down we took the oportunity to custom-build our
own server and find a co-location spot. We are now hosted
with far better hardware, connectivity and redundancy then
before. Allowing for a faster and web-page and much more
reliability in case of failures.
The final transition of the domain happened on a weekend
in late October and went smoothly within about 5 minutes.
We changed the dns-ttl-times before in order to minimize
the number of people still accessing the old server because
their DNS-server cached the old IP while the new one was
already in place.
According to the log not a single visitor was lost during
the process.

The new server also allows more ressources for our new
customer-management-system. We started it in early
September to keep track of all the special-orders and
search-requests we get via IRC, email or forum-messages.
While being a bit sluggish before it is now fully usable.

* conventions *

We where present at a number of conventions
since the last newsletter and they where all

The greatest of all of cause was Eurofurence 13.
It is simple the biggest and greatest furry-
convention in europe. While having some trouble
with the elevator and only being allowed a
very reduced repository of products in the
dealers den, sales certainly went very well.

H-Con was a medium-sized convention with great
people and even better food...24h a day!
We had setup a big table in a side-room of the
first floor that also hosted quite some discussion
about us and our products. We learned a great
deal about what the people are looking for and
what we can do about it.

The Channel-Meeting was small, family-
style and great! With a small group of people and
multiple play-rooms there was ample opportunity
to try out new things. Most of the time it was
talking and a simple get-together of like-minded

* the beta-blog *

In the last newsletter we announces the
behin-the-scenes-blog .
Recently we switched that blog to the new blogspot-beta.
This allowes for a much simpler handling of Tags then
the old method with had. Now, we will continue
tagging our articles with too but the links
below each article will only reflect the new blogspot-tags
in newer posts. Older ones will have both sets of links
to allow for a smooth transition.

See: The Blog at



* unsubscribing *

To stop receiving this newsletter,
please visit login
with the email-address you received
this newsletter on and uncheck
[]newsletter in your account-information
that you checked when you created your


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