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YiffyToys Newsletter Nr.0

Dear customers,

in the beginning we wanted to have a newsletter
every two month to inform our customers about
the changes, many new products and special offers
at yiffytoys.
If you do not want to receive this, please look
at the bottom of this email for instructions on

* about this newsletter
* new products
* the blog
* RSS-feeds
* unsubscribing

* about this newsletter *

You are receiving this newsletter because you
selected [x]receive newsletter back when you
created your account on .
We do this newsletter in english because there
are a growing number of customers from european
countries who do not speak german. We also think
that doing the newsletter bilingual would be too
much work for us and also make this email way too
We also want to stick with the text-only format
for the time being and see if it works. Blinking
colorfull html-emails may look nice but they simply
do not work everywhere.
If you want to show it to someone else or browse
older issues (for whatever reason) you may find
the archive on handy.

* new products *

Because of the many new products since june, we only
list the changes since july here.

For the german-speaking: you may also look at the the
blog-postings tagged "newProducts" at .

-- Deep down --

Quite a while ago and with lots of discussion going
on about it we added "anilotion". It is a spray that
can be used to relax the muscles in your anus for
easier penetration. This is to make anal sex more
enjoyable for the inexperienced ones among us.

Sadly because of many problems with our supplier we
had to remove Fleshlights from our catalog. They
simple are either not delivered at all or nowhere
near any acceptable time-frame.

-- slippery --

Wet-warming and id-sensations "warming" are
some new lubes that give you a nice warming
sensation on skin-contact. You may try it
out for something more interesting then
conventional lube.

We can now offer KY in 82g instead of the former
smaller packages for nearly the same price.

You may find the small take-along packages of
ID-Glide containing 6ml usefully if the smaller
2ml-packages where too small for your needs.

-- artistic --

We added to very nice cups with "randy" the wolf
and "trixy" the vixen to our new category of
yiffy artwork.

-- bondage --

We also added a completely new "bondage"-category
of high quality-products to our shop. You may have
a look at:

Another new category contains practical selfmade
bondage-items that you may find usefull.
The ueber-spreading-bar for example can be set to
any length, locked at a given length and best of all:
Unlike with the usual D-rings the detachable leather-
cuffs are attached to it in a special way that
connects them rigidly and completely imobile to the bar
without and discomfort for the subbie.

We also added a new collar with 3 d-rings allowing
you to fasten that subbie real good. ;)
(This product is no longer offered as of 10-2006)

A nice offering we also added are hand-made ring-gangs.
You decide on the diameter, size, color and features and
we make one just for you!

-- safety --

Durex "King Size"

* the blog *

Since a few month has a blog on . Here you can have
a look on what is going on bedind the scenes
of this shop.

* RSS-feeds *

If you want to stay informed about new products
without reading the blog, you may find the 3
automatic RSS-feeds usefull. They contain just
the products in your prefered language.

For the german-speaking we also have an rss-feed
on all the blog-postings labeled to contain
information on new products. You may find it on:



* unsubscribing *

To stop receiving this newsletter,
please visit login
with the email-address you received
this newsletter on and uncheck
[]newsletter in your account-information
that you checked when you created your


Your link to the "new collar with 3 d-rings" appears to be broken - it says that there is no such product on the website.
That is right, we had to discontinue that product because of
quality-problems with the metal used 2 weeks ago.
The new newsletter #1 will be out in a week or so, when the
paperwork for the credit-card acceptance is done.

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